MedXpress Reporting

This page will explain how to submit MIPS information directly to MedXpress.

Quality Payment Program


Provider performance in the three main components of MIPS- Quality Measures, Advancing Care Information, and Improvement Activities- can all be viewed at a glance and exported to MedXpress from the Quality Payment Program window. To view this information, go to Reports > Quality Payment Program > MedXpress Reporting. The MedXpress Reporting screen will only appear for clients with valid MedXpress credentials entered into TRAKnet, meaning that you must be a client of MedXpress and be registered for MIPS reporting.

Setting MedXpress Credentials

To set your MedXpress credentials in TRAKnet:

  1. In the main screen of TRAKnet, go to Tools
  2. Go to Options at the bottom of the dropdown menu
  3. Double click on Integration
  4. Double click on MedXpress
  5. Enter your MedXpress Account ID and MedXpress Password

Filtering and Navigation

The reporting period filter can be used for all three components, or each component can be viewed with its own specific reporting period. Additionally, a date for ACI's Security Risk Analysis measure must be set before the report can be executed. Once all of these dates are set, click Execute; Each of the reports will populate based on the date range and the provider selections.

The data presented for each report represents the Summary version of that report. To quickly view the full report for that portion of MIPS, click on the green and white chart icon in the top-right corner of the report.

Uploading to MedXpress

To upload this information directly to MedXpress, click the Upload button in the top-right corner of the window. A history of uploads to MedXpress can be seen by clicking the History button.

Specialized Registry Uploading

The ACI portion of the Quality Payment Program window will display whether or not encounters were submitted to a specialty registry via MedXpress during the reporting period. Uploading your MIPS performance will not upload encounters to the specialized registry, only a record of whether or not this measure has been performed. Click here for more information about uploading encounters to specialized registries.

MedXpress Reporting Tutorial Video

For more information on how to submit MIPS performance to MedXpress from TRAKnet, see the video below:

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