Managing Printers

The below page will demonstrate how to set default printers in TRAKnet 3.0.

Defaulting Printers


The manage printers window is located under the UserName dropdown menu in the upper-right hand portion of TRAKnet. From this dropdown menu, select Manage Printers. The manage printers window will open where default printers can be set for two different options:

  • Prescriptions
  • CMS 1500 Paper Claim Form
  • UB04 Paper Claim Form

To select a default printer for each, click the dropdown menu under the related header, and select a printer from the list of available printers on your network. There is no need to save the screen afterward - simply click close.

For all other modules than the two listed above, TRAKnet will pull your PC's default printer.


To modify the margins on your CMS 1500 form, navigate to the Billing Dashboard > Options > CMS 1500 screen.

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