Links (Web)

This page will explain the Links drop-down menu in TRAKnet and how to customize this for your personal use.

For Links (Templates), referring to the links used in templates and charting, click here.


The links drop-down menu is a quicklist of bookmarked websites an office might frequently visit. Clicking the Links drop-down will display all websites set up to have a bookmark in TRAKnet.


To access the bookmarked links feature, you must first configure them. To do so, click on the Help drop-down menu, then click "Configure Links." This will open the configure links window.


Before adding custom links, it is recommended to click the Restore Defaults button, as this will populate the displayed default websites. These are:

  • GoToAssist Customer Support —, the website used by technical support to connect with the user.
  • TRAKnet Website —, TRAKnet's main website.
  • TRAKnet Wiki — A link to this wiki site.
  • Trizetto Provider Solutions —, a link to the clearing house used with TRAKnet.

Adding a Custom Link

To add a custom link, click the Add New Link button and enter the below information:

  • Name — The name of the website. This can be abbreviated or changed to something the office will easily recognize.
  • URL — The URL of the website. NOTE: This must be the full URL, e.g. The "http" or "https" is required for the link to work. To retrieve these easily, navigate to the website in your web browser, then copy the URL directly and paste this into TRAKnet. This will copy over the HTTP.
  • Category — Entering a category will place the link into an additional menu, useful for grouping certain websites together by theme, such as Billing, Government, Insurance, etc.

To finalize, click the Add New button.

Modifying a Link

To modify an existing link, click on the link from the list, then click Modify Link. Alternatively, you may double-click on a link to open the editor window.

Deleting a Link

To delete a link, highlight the link and click "Delete Link." Note that deleted links cannot be restored - clicking Restore Defaults will restore the default four URLs, however all custom URLs will be lost. This is not recommended. If a link is deleted, it is best to manually re-add it.

Accessing Links

After entering all desired links, click X to close the Configure Links window. The list of links in TRAKnet will update automatically. Click the Links drop-down menu to view all links that were added; clicking a link will open that website in your default web browser.

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