Introduction to SmartSheet10

This page is an introduction to SmartSheet10 Technology.

Introduction to SmartSheet10

After you have signed into TRAKnet, you can access the SmartSheet10 tool by clicking on SmartSheet10 in the upper left-hand corner.


ICD-10 Index

By only selecting the I10 Index (Vol.3) check box you are able to search the index just as you would a coding book. By expanding the letter of the alphabet and scrolling to the specific term

ICD-10 Tabular

By only selecting the I10 Table (Vol.1) check box you are able to search the tabular list just as you would a coding book. By expanding the specific chapters and then expanding specific categories and subcategories.
Once you have selected a code you can determine if the code you have selected is the most detailed ICD-10 code available by the color of the code.

If the code appears red this alerts the user that the code selected is not the most detailed code available. However if the code selected is Green this indicated that a code with the highest level of detail has been selected. This feature of SmartSheet10 encourages you to pick the best code available. It is important to provide sufficient detail in your patient charts to enable selecting codes at this level of detail.

If a code requires a 7th character a pop-up will appear prompting you for the 7th character. After selecting the appropriate 7th character, SmartSheet10 will place the 7th character in the correct 7th location and enter any required placeholders.

SmartSheet10 Features

By selecting both the I10 Index (Vol.3) and I10 Table (Vol.1) you can use SmartSheet10 Technology to quickly and efficiently select the appropriate ICD-10 code.

  • Using the search bar at the top of the index, search for a term.
  • Clicking on the term in the index will automatically take you to the code in the tabular list.

You can also use the dictionary available in the tabular list to search to terms.

  • Using the search bar at the top of the tabular, search for a term.
  • A listing of each time this term is used will appear to the right.
  • Clicking select to the side of any result will take you to its location in the tabular list.

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