Z_(Archived) Insurance Transaction History

This report has been removed from TRAKnet so that it can be fixed by the developers without providing inaccurate information. It may be returned in a future release.


The Insurance Transaction History report is an Advanced Report which displays the insurance payments in a set date range.

This report shows all charges based on service date which had an insurance payment posted to them.


This report has one view, a table view, that sorts by patient and date or service, showing the Account number, service date, posting date, check number, payments, adjustments and totals of the payment.


This report has three filters:

  • Start Date - The starting date for the report. This will default to today's date.
  • End Date - The ending date for the report. This will default to today's date.
  • Insurance Company - Which insurance company you would like to see payments from.

Sample Report

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