Importing and Reconciling Incoming CCDA's

This page will explain how to receive an incomming Continuity of Care Document(CCDA) with in the TRAKnet application and how to reconcile the information within the CCDA to the patients chart.

What is a CCDA?

A CCDA is a Continuity of Care Document -in other words, an electronic document used to transmit patient data. CCDAs are typically in an .xml file format and TRAKnet is able to import these .xml files.

Importing a CCDA

Practices are able to import CCDA files received from external sources such as patients or Providers. To do so follow the steps below.

Step one
The first step is receiving the document and placing it in a location where it can be found for importing in the TRAKnet application.
Step Two
Once the document has been received (note that this must be a .xml file) open TRAKnet and go to the Tools drop down menu and select Clinical summary.
Step Three
On the Clinical Summary screen click the Import button.
This will bring up the file explorer window. On the file explorer window locate and open the CCDA file from step one.
  • Please note if a file with the same name exists you will be asked to rename the file before completing the import.
Step Four
After the importing the CCDA file it must be associated with a patient. To do this select the CCDA from the list and click Associate.
This will bring up a patient search window with patients that match the CCDA data listed. If the patient is not listed, that patient may need to be added to the TRAKnet application. Select the patient from the list and click "ok" to complete the association process.

Additional Actions

  • Element Order - This button allows the user to decide what order they elements of the CCDA show when viewing the CCDA.
  • View - This button allows the user to view the CCDA
  • Show Associated - This check box allows the user to view previously associated CCDA's

Reconciling a CCDA

Once you have imported and associated the CCDA file for a patient it is important to reconcile the CCDA information with the existing patient information. Follow the steps below to reconcile a patients CCDA.
Step one
Once the CCDA has been associated with the patient search for and open the patient chart.
Step two
Click the CCDA drop down and select Import CCDA. This will open the patients incoming CCDA screen.
Step three
Select the CCDA to reconcile and click the reconcile button.
Step four
On the Clinical Information Reconciliation screen the boxes on the left are the source or CCDA items and the boxes on the right are populated with the current TRAKnet information.
Select the items to be reconciled in the left hand boxes and click the arrow in the middle of each section. Once the desired items have been selected they can be reconciled per section or all of them can be reconciled at one time.
  • Please note the reconcile pop up window will close after clicking a reconcile button.
Step five
The last step is reviewing the information to be reconciled.
This screen will show what items will be merged with existing items and what items are new to the patient. After clicking reconcile on this screen the information will be added to the patients chart.
  • Please note this action cannot be reversed.

Training Video

See below for video instructions on how to perform Promoting Interoperability Receiving and Incorporating Health Information in TRAKnet 3.1:

Promoting Interoperability - Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Information from NEMO Health on Vimeo


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