This page will walk the user through how to document a patient's immunization history in TRAKnet.

Immunization history in TRAKnet is documented on the patient's chart and is accessed by clicking on the Actions drop-down menu, then selecting Immunizations. This will open a window called Patient Information for Patient's Name, Immunizations.


To create a new Immunization record, click the green Add button on this window. This will open a Patient Immunization window where you can now enter in all of the patient's immunization information:


There is also a Details tab where additional data can be entered. To select a patient from your TRAKnet database as the Guardian for this patient, click Select Patient in the upper left-hand corner of this window.


Note: If at any time you need clarification on what a specific field should be, click on a field to highlight and check the bottom portion of the window to see a brief description explaining that field.


Once immunization information has been entered, click Save. This will cause a Vaccines tab to open on the Immunizations window where additional vaccination information can be added. Click Add to add a vaccine record.


Once you have completed, click close to return to the Immunizations window. You must now link this immunization record to a patient's encounter by selecting the record then clicking the Link button. This will ensure the information is associated to the correct date of service.

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