Imaging Results

This page will detail how to import imaging results into TRAKnet, how to link these results to a radiology order and how to ensure successful completion of this criteria for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

Imaging Results

Imaging results refer to the results received as a response to a radiology order. As with all patient health information, imaging results must be recorded in your EHR as structured data. In the case of imaging results, these are to be entered into a patient's multimedia folder and linked to the corresponding radiology order to ensure proper documentation is being made.

As imaging results are linked to a specific radiology order, you must create a radiology order before completing the below steps.

Importing Results

As stated above, results will be imported into a patient's multimedia file. To accomplish this, first search for the patient you would like to import results for. After opening the patient's chart, click on the Multimedia tab, then click on Add Documents. This will open the import documents window.


On this screen, follow the below steps to ensure the image is imported properly.

  1. Select Upload File.
  2. Click Browse File to open the Windows Explorer where you will browse to the current location of the image on your PC.
  3. Under Document Properties, set the type to imaging. This will open an additional portion of the screen where you will see all radiology orders for this patient.
  4. Under Document properties, set the date received.
  5. Under Document properties, enter a title for the file.
  6. In the new window, select the corresponding radiology order.
  7. Click Import Document.

The system will alert you that the import has been completed. You will now see the file in the patient's Multimedia folder as any other file. The title will be the file name. To move the file to a designated folder, click the file, then hold and drag to the new folder.

As a Measure of Meaningful Use

In Stage 2, this measure is a Core, or required, measure. It is Core Measure 12.

Stage 2 Information
Objective Imaging results consisting of the image itself and any explanation or other accompanying information are accessible through CEHRT.
Measure More than 10 percent of all tests whose result is one or more images ordered by the EP during the EHR reporting period are accessible through CEHRT.
Exclusion Any EP who orders less than 100 tests whose result is an image during the EHR reporting period; or any EP who has no access to electronic imaging results at the start of the EHR reporting period.

Click here for the CMS website about this measure.


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