Getting Started

Welcome to TRAKnet! This page will help guide you through the implementation process.


Implementation Next Steps

Kick-Off Call

The Kick-Off Call is the first step in the New Client implementation process after the point of sale. During this call we will discuss timelines, expectations, next steps and answer any questions.

We ask that the following persons be in attendance:

  • Office Manager/ Physician
  • The Practice's IT/ Technical Support
  • TRAKnet Implementation Coordinator
  • TRAKnet Technical Implementation Specialist
  • TRAKnet Trainer

Your Implementation Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule this call.


TRAKnet Charting Solutions partners with TriZetto Provider solutions as our integrated clearinghouse. Following the Kick-Off call you and your Implementation Coordinator will work together with TriZetto to complete any enrollments so the practice may send claims within TRAKnet. This process may take some time and will happen concurrently with the installation of TRAKnet as well as your Training.


Shortly after our Kick-Off call a Technical Implementation Specialist will work with you and your IT/ Technical Support to install TRAKnet and set up your database. After installing TRAKnet and setting up the database the practice will receive instructions on Installing TRAKnet 3.0 on all workstations in the office.

Before the installation of TRAKnet please review our System Requirements.


Our New Client Training Plan consists of both live 1:1 remote training sessions as well as pre-recorded videos and webinars. The training process will be completed over the course of 10 weeks and will consist of eleven(11) 1:1 sessions with your trainer.

Interspersed throughout the live 1:1 sessions will be a number of pre-recorded videos and webinars. Many of these recordings serve as a supplement to the 1:1 trainings, while other videos will provide information not covered during your time with the trainer.

In addition to the recordings and 1:1 remote training the practice will also be required to complete six (6) training evaluations during the training process. These evaluations will consist of 5-6 short questions which will cover the major topics.


Prior to Go-Live notify your patients in advance and request their support and patience during the transition.

We recommend choosing a day with a lighter than normal patient load as your Go-Live date.


The Implementation Team will continue to assist you completing follow-up calls 7, 30, and 60 days after Go-Live.

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