Generating a CCDA

This page will explain how to generate a CCDA, or clinical summary of care, for your patient, as well as send this information electronically to a patient.

What is a CCDA?

A CCDA is a Continuity of Care Document -in other words, an electronic document used to transmit patient data. CCDAs are typically in an .xml file format.

A CCDA is primarily required for the Promoting Interoperability performance catagory, but can also be used to provide patient's with a copy of their health information or provide other physicians with this same information.

Generating a CCDA

To generate a CCDA, from the patient's chart click on the Patient Engagement button. CCDAs are typically tied to a particular date of service, so you must first select the visit date from the visit date drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Next, select the Clinical Summary template you would like to use from the Template drop-down menu and click Select. This will generate the patient summary of care in the print preview portion of the screen.

Upon generating the CCDA, a series of web links will populate at the bottom of the document: these are links to the MedLine Plus website, where patient education based on the patient's current medications, allergies and diagnoses can be previewed and printed. This information will also be sent electronically to patients upon sending the CCDA to the patient portal.

Sending a CCDA Electronically

To send a CCDA to a patient electronically, click the Actions button then click Send to Portal from the dropdown menu.

If the patient has an email address, the message will be sent. However, if the patient does not have an email entered, you will receive the following error:

ERROR: The patient does not have an email associated.

Email address are entered on the patient's Demographics.

The patient will receive this .xml file to their patient portal account, where they can review, download and respond to the receive message.

Training Video

See below for video instructions on how to perform Promoting Interoperability Provide Patient Access in TRAKnet 3.1:

Promoting Interoperability - Provide Patient Access from NEMO Health on Vimeo

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