Creating An Encounter

This page will explain the how to create an Encounter, or visit note, in TRAKnet 3.0.



The encounter in TRAKnet is the piece of data where all documentation regarding the patient's particular visit is recorded. It includes: the visit note, the visit diagnoses, the invoice, and all other documents related to that patient's visit. It is the piece of data required for a claim to be made.

Starting the Note

Encounters can be created from two locations in TRAKnet 3.0:

From the Scheduler – Right-click on the appointment, then click “Create Encounter” from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, left-click on the appointment, then click the “Encounter” icon from the upper-right corner of the Scheduler. Creating an encounter from the appointment will “link” this encounter to that appointment, allowing the status of the encounter to show on the scheduler.

From the Patient’s Chart – Click “New Encounter” to create an encounter from the patient’s chart.

A list of all previously created encounters for the patient can be viewed with the “All Encounters” selection on the patient's chart.

Selecting the Template

Upon starting an encounter from either location, you will be prompted to select one of two starting points:

Copy Visit – This feature will allow you to select a previously created encounter from the drop-down menu of all previous encounters for the patient, listed by date. Selecting this choice will allow you to choose specific CPT codes or diagnoses codes to carry over into the invoice of this encounter.
Select Template – This feature will allow you to select a previously created template for your use from the list of templates. There are two drop-down menus: first, the folder of templates you are looking in, and second, the template itself.

Once you have selected the template or previous encounter you wish to use, click “Start New Visit.” If you would like to leave this screen without creating an encounter, click Close.

Templates will come pre-loaded in TRAKnet but can be created to fit the office's particular needs. See: Managing Templates and The Template Creation Quicksheet.

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