CPT Code By Location

The CPT Code by Location report is an Advanced Report that shows the number of times a CPT code was used by location


The CPT Code by Location report will display the breakdown of how often a treatment was used per patient per provider, grouped by Location. The columns it displays are as follows:

  • Location — The short name of the location where the treatment was rendered.
  • Provider — The rendering provider on the encounter the treatment was entered on.
  • Account — The account number of the patient.
  • Patient — The patient's name, listed in Last Name, First Name format.
  • Units — The quantity or units on the treatment.

Note that to generate the report a treatment code must be entered in the CPT Code filter. The Treatments by Provider base report in TRAKnet will show comparable information but grouped by provider rather than location.


This report has one view, a table view, which lists the above information grouped by location.


This report has three filters:

  • Start Date - The beginning of the date range.
  • End Date - The end of the date range.
  • CPT Code - The code you would like to pull information about.

Sample Report

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