Care Team

This page will explain how to use the Care Team function of the electronic patient's chart.

What is Care Team?

Care Team is a tool in TRAKnet that allows the user to document any caretakers or responsible individuals for a patient. Entering individuals in the Care Team menu will allow the user to display the information about that person with the «CareTeam» link, when embedded into any template.

Adding to Care Team

The Crea Team feature is available on the Workspace > Dashboard tab of the patient's electronic chart. Click on the Care Team link to open the below screen:


Once on this screen you may begin filling out information about the care team member by clicking on the desired field and typing in the information. There are no required fields.

To remove an individual from the list of care team members, highlight that person and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

To add an additional individual, click the "Click here to add a new row" area on the pop up window.

Displaying Care Team Information

To display the care team information in a patient's dashboard or chart, edit the template you are currently using then insert the «CareTeam» link. The individual's name, address, and phone will now be displayed.

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