Backing Up

This page will explain the process of backing up your data in TRAKnet 3.0.

What is a backup?

A backup is a copy of your database and multimedia files. A backup is created to ensure that, in the event of an emergency situation or system crash, your data will not be lost. Backups are an important piece of using any technology, but especially so with TRAKnet, as it is patient data you are backing up.

Backing up TRAKnet

NOTE: Prior to backing up TRAKnet please be sure to update your TRAKnet software to the most recent version of TRAKnet. Also note that you must perform the backup from your server computer.

While your IT provider should set up a backup policy in your office for all software your office uses, TRAKnet allows the user to generate a backup directly from inside the software.

To do so, from the main screen of TRAKnet, click on the Tools drop-down menu, then select "Backup Data." This will open the below screen:


The first step to backing up is to click Browse and browse to the location where your backup should be saved. Your office will need to ensure you are following proper HIPAA protocol for this, but the general recommendation is to back up to an encrypted external drive that is kept securely off site.


After selecting the file path, click OK.

TRAKnet has two components for patient data: the database, where most data is stored, and Multimedia, or images, files and documents are located. The backup will automatically back up the database, but the office can check the Include Multimedia checkbox to back up Multimedia as well. Please note that this will make the process take substantially longer depending on the file size of the office's Multimedia folder. As Multimedia is primarily images, it is often quite large.

Once the above decisions have been made, click Backup in the upper right-hand corner and the backup will complete. It will show a progress bar, how much was backed up, and the time this backup took. Click Close to finish the backup process.

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