Average Collections Report

The Average Collections report is a standard billing report found under the Billing Dashboard, in Reports. This report will give you an overview on the amount of monies you have collected from the charges rendered. You can get an overview of the amount billed, the amount you have adjusted, the amount you should be collecting, the amount you have collected and the overall percentage of what you have collected. Totals will be listed at the bottom. All charges that are on that invoice will be included, regardless of status. Charges that are zero dollars will not show on this report. This report will not include any Encounters that do not have a diagnosis on the invoice.


Summary – breakdown of the totals for average collected separated by each provider. It will list the total number of Encounters that make up this report.
Detailed – individually lists each Encounter that makes up this report along with the note date, patient name, the number of billable charges on that Encounter (zero dollar charges do not count towards this) and collection information.



Note Date – choose only charges where the Encounter date is in the specified date range that the charge is located on will be included.
Locations – choose only charges that were rendered at the selected location. This is based on the location set for that Encounter on which the charge is located.
Provider – choose only charges that were rendered by the specified provider(s). This is based on the provider set for that Encounter on which the charge is located.

Sample Reports

avcollections1.JPG avcollections2.JPG
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