Audit Risk Tool

The Audit Risk tool is a built in reporting platform for TRAKnet that shows the top CPT code utilization both in the practice and nationwide.

What is Audit Risk?

Audit Risk is an additional enhancement to TRAKnet 3.0 that displays three primary pieces of information: total encounters month to date and year to date, top 10 CPT codes used MTD and YTD, and an analysis of the top 32 CPT codes nationwide by podiatrists. These reports are provided to assist practice's with getting a better idea on their code utilization to help them secure themselves against an insurance audit, find missed opportunities, and have greater fire power when talking to insurance companies.

Audit Risk is a part of the TRAKnet Total Solutions bundle. For more information, reach out to our sales team at

Total Encounters

The first category of the Audit Risk feature is a count of total encounters for each provider in the office:


Any encounter with a CPT that has a charge amount and a unit of at least 1 will be included in this total.

Top 10 CPT Codes

The second category of the Audit Risk feature is a list of the top 10 CPT codes utilized by each provider. This will show a monthly total, monthly utilization, yearly total and a yearly utilization (from January 1 to the last day of the previous month):


Percentages are calculated as the CPT Usage Total / Encounter Total. Note that CPT code utilization is determined based on how many encounters that code appears on, regardless of unit. For example, an insert that has a unit of 2 on an invoice will only count as 1 on the Audit Risk report.

TRAKnet User Wide Average of CPT Codes

The final portion of the Audit Risk feature looks at the top 32 CPT codes used by podiatrists nationwide. This report gathers data from all TRAKnet users and analyzes the utilization of codes overall, offering a look for each individual provider at where they fall compared to their peers:

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