Audit Log

The Audit Log in TRAKnet 3.0 shows a history of user logins, patient changes and prescriptions. The Audit Log can be accessed under the Tools dropdown menu.


The Logins Audit Log shows a history of user login attempts in TRAKnet. Each record shown contains the time and date, the user and provider, the location and physical workstation, and whether or not the login attempt was successful or not. The Failed Only checkbox filters the Audit Log to only show records of failed login attempts.



The Patient Audit Log shows a history of actions taken in relation to a patient. These actions include viewing, adding, removing, editing and printing patient information.


Token Transaction

The Token Transaction Audit Log shows a history of Token tranactions. These actions include creating, using, and removing the payment token.


User Privilege

The User Privilege Audit log shows a history of User Permission changes. These include both granting permissions and revoking permissions.

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