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The new TRAKnet Patient Portal was released on June 29th, 2018. Click here to learn more about setting up the new portal. The below information is ARCHIVED.

This wiki page will walk the user through the Online Scheduling module of the TRAKnet Patient Portal.

Patient Request

Patients who have signed up for the patient portal can log into their portal website and request an appointment time. Requests are entered based on a drop-down menu where the patienet can select date, provider, location, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), and additional comments. Requests sent in by patients will be visible on the Admin site of the patient portal by going to the Home page of the admin website and clicking on the Online Scheduling link.


The user can then accept or deny appointment requests are comparing these times to available slots on their TRAKnet scheduler. Appointment requests entered on the patient portal do not transfer into the TRAKnet database and users will want to confirm the appointment time with the patient by phone prior to scheduling the appointment in TRAKnet.

Once the appointment time has been approved or denied, appointments will move to the Approved Appointments or Denied Appointments history tabs where previous requests can be viewed.


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