Z_Archived Patient Portal Online Scheduling Setup

The new TRAKnet Patient Portal was released on June 29th, 2018. Click here to learn more about setting up the new portal. The below information is ARCHIVED.

This wiki page will walk the user through how to set up their patient portal for the online scheduling module.

Setting Up Providers and Locations

To begin allowing your patients to request appointments online, you will need to send your location and provider information from your TRAKnet database to the patient portal. After your initial patient portal setup, you will find in TRAKnet that the Patient Portal menu at the top of the screen is now active. Clicking on this menu will open two options:

  • New Connections
  • Upload Providers and Locations to Portal

Select the "Uploading Providers and Locations to Portal" option will send your locations and provider list to the patient portal following the below restrictions:

  • Only locations that have a place of service code of 11 - Office will be uploaded to the patient portal.
  • Only users that have an NPI number will be uploaded to the patient portal.
  • Only users that are not terminated will be uploaded to the patient portal.

When a new location or provider is entered in TRAKnet, you will need to reupload this information to the patient portal for the new user and location to show on the website.

To activate a user and location as available for scheduling, click on the Management icon on the Home tab of the Admin patient portal. On this screen you will find a tab for Locations and a tab for Providers. To remove a provider or location from the list, click Delete (note that locations or providers with appointment requests already assigned to them cannot be deleted). To be able to schedule appointments to a provider or location, you will want to check the Is Active checkbox next to the location or provide you would like to be available for scheduling.


Setting Up Blocked Dates

With the patient portal online scheduling module, you are able to set blocked dates where the practice is not accepting patients. To set up blocked dates, you will need to log into the Admin site of the patient portal. On the home screen you will see a Toggle Options icon. Clicking this icon will take you to the toggle options screen where you will find two options:


To block a set date range, enter a Start Date and End Date in the corresponding fields, then click Disable. Note that users are able to enter more than one series of blocked dates, as needed.

To remove a blocked date once it has been entered, select the date in the list of Blocked Days and click Delete. This will remove the block and allow patients to schedule appointments during that date range once more.


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