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The new TRAKnet Patient Portal was released on June 29th, 2018. Click here to learn more about setting up the new portal. The below information is ARCHIVED.

This wiki page will walk the user through the steps a patient will take to upload their medication and allergy information to the TRAKnet Patient Portal.

Adding a Medication

Patients who have signed up for the TRAKnet patient portal are able to update their medication and allergy information to be sent directly to the practice's TRAKnet 3.0 system, allowing information to be updated prior to the patient's visit.

A patient can update their medication information by logging into the patient portal and selecting which patient they would like to update. Once they have opened the patient, they will select Medications, which will open the list of all current medications if they have been sent by the practice previously.


To add a new medication, the patient will click the Create New link, opening a medication search screen.


To search for a medication, the patient will enter in the name of the medication. For example, in the below screenshot we have searched for the medication Bactrim:


While Bactrim is the name of the brand, the drug name is listed as sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim. Selecting the drug name, however, populats the list of all possible brand names, which the patient will then select from.

After selecting the medication, the patient can enter the directions, or sig, for the medication, before clicking save. The medication information is now saved to the patient's account and can be sent to TRAKnet with the Send button on the Member Review Progress screen.


Adding an Allergy

Adding an allergy in the patient portal is a similar process to adding a medication: the patient will need to log into their patient portal user account, select the patient they would like to update, then select the Allergies icon. This will open the view of all previously added allergies, assuming they were sent from TRAKnet by the practice.

To add a new allergy, the user will click the Create New button. Allergies are free text fields - the user will enter the allergy name and their reaction, then click save. This information can now be sent to TRAKnet with the Send button on the member review progress screen.


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