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The new TRAKnet Patient Portal was released on June 29th, 2018. Click here to learn more about setting up the new portal. The below information is ARCHIVED.

This wiki page will walk the user through managing online payments through the TRAKnet Patient Portal.

Sending Patient Balances

With the implementation of the online payment module in the TRAKnet Patient Portal, users are now able to upload the patient's balance to the patient portal, where the patient will be able to see the balance total and make online payments as needed.

Note that you may only upload a patient balance to patients who have signed up for the patient portal previously and who have sent information to TRAKnet from the patient portal, thus making the connection between their portal account and your record of the patient in TRAKnet.

To upload a patient's balance, search for the patient in TRAKnet, then open that patient. At the top of the patient's chart, click on the Send to Portal drop-down menu, then select Send Patient Balance. This will send the balance as displayed on the patients Billing tab > Ledger screen (sending only the patient responsible balance.)


The patient balance will display on the patient's side of the portal as simply a total, e.g. $50, and will not provide a full breakdown of all charges and dates of service.


Once a patient has made a payment, the balance will not automatically update. After posting the patient's payment you will need to re-send the patient balance for the patient to see the most up-to-date balance on the portal website.

Posting Patient Portal Payments

After a patient has made a payment on the Online Payment module of the patient portal, the payment will become available in TRAKnet for the user to post. Payments will be downloaded into TRAKnet immediately upon logging into the software as well as every 20-minute interval, provided there is an active internet connection at that time.

Payments that are downloaded from the patient portal will automatically appear in the Billing Dashboard > Payments screen of TRAKnet. A new column on the payment screen, Patient Portal, will display a Yes if the payment was downloaded from the patient portal.


Payments from the patient portal will not be automatically posted and the user must modify this payment and post to any outstanding line items as needed.

Note that deleting a payment from the patient portal will issue a refund to the patient. The patient will see this refund on their patient portal account as a Void or Refund, depending on where in the process the payment was currently.

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