Z_Archived - Identity Proofing

This page will explain Identity Proofing for EPCS, or Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances, the ability to e-prescribe controlled substances such as schedule II drugs.

**Identity proofing is not longer completed in the TRAKnet application. For the current EPCS process please click here NEMO Rx Identity Proofing


IdenTrust is an organization that verifies a provider's identity and provides a hard token device to digitally sign a controlled substance prescription for electronic submission. In addition to the USB Token, IdenTrust will provide a software called SafeNet that will have to be installed on any workstation where e-Prescriptions will be filled. After verifying their identity and physical address with IdenTrust, the provider is provided a USB Authentication token.

USB Token

The USB Authentication Token is a USB drive that is inserted into the workstation's open USB port to help verify the provider's identity when e-prescribing controlled substances. Upon signing an e-prescription for a controlled substance, the user will be prompted for a passcode previously established with IdenTrust. Once this has been completed, the e-prescription will successfully send to the pharmacy.

If the provider's USB token has been lost, stolen, or compromised, the practice must contact our customer support team within one business day for more information on how to proceed.

e-Prescribing Controlled Substances

For more information on how to e-Prescribe a controlled substance, see writing a prescription. Please note that a valid DEA number is required to e-Prescribe controlled substances.

EPCS Reporting

EPCS Reporting is a tool to track how often the audit log of user logins and e-prescriptions are being reviewed. Per DEA regulations, the previous day's login and e-prescription audit logs must be reviewed on a daily basis. EPCS Reporting can be found in the e-Prescribing tab. Prior records of audit log access are archived by month up to the latest 24 months.

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