Z_Archived - e-Prescribing Tab

This page will explain the categories available on the e-Prescribing tab in TRAKnet 3.0.


The inbox shows the user a list of messages received from the pharmacy, including refill requests, rejected prescriptions and verifications. You can open a refill request to approve, modify or deny the request; To do this, select the refill and click Respond to Refill.


The outbox shows all e-prescriptions created by users that are not authorized to send e-prescriptions for pharmacies. These prescriptions can either be sent to the pharmacy or removed.

Sent Items

Sent Items shows all prescriptions and refill responses sent back to the pharmacy.


Paper shows all paper prescriptions that have been printed.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Pharmacy Benefit Manager shows all medication history requests and eligibility requests sent to a Pharmacy Benefit Manager.


Providers/Users shows the NPI number, DEA number, SPI number and USB Token status of all providers in TRAKnet, as well as the ability of all users to process change requests.

EPCS Reporting

EPCS Reporting is a tool to track how often the audit log of user logins and e-prescriptions are being reviewed. Per DEA regulations, the previous day's login and e-prescription audit logs must be reviewed on a daily basis. Prior records of audit log access are archived by month up to the latest 24 months. This section is only viewable for providers.

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