Applife Manager

Installing the Applife Manager

This page is meant as a guide to assist TRAKnet users with installing the Applife Manager for the TRAKnet application.

Why install the Applife Manager

The Applife Manager is a tool that improves the update process for the TRAKnet application. This tool makes performing updates a seamless process, the user will no longer have to remember to check for updates or wait for an update to run. The updates will be downloaded and completed in the background so there is no longer a disruption to the users workflow.

Downloading the Applife Manager

Note: Prior to installing the Applife Manager please make sure TRAKnet 3.1 is installed and configured. If you have not installed and configured TRAKnet 3.1 please click here and follow the installation instructions.

To begin the installation of the Applife Manager start by first downloading the Applife Manager installer. You can do this by clicking here

Once you have successfully downloaded the Applife installer, you can install the software. Start by opening the installer after the download is complete.

Note: If asked please follow the prompts to install the Applife Manager.

The installer will install the Applife Manager and automatically close, no further action is necessary.

Manually Updating using the Applife Manager

The Applife Manager makes updating automatic, the TRAKnet application will be updated during times when it is not running. In some instances, the update may try to run while TRAKnet is running. When this happens it is possible to manually retry the update. Follow the below instructions to manually retry the update.

  • Step 1 - Close the TRAKnet application.
  • Step 2 - Locate the Applife Manager application in the system tray.
  • Step 3 - Right-click on the Applife Manager Icon and select Show Update Manager.
  • Step 4 - Click the refresh button in the top left of the Applife Update Manager.

This will cause the update to run immediately, allow this process to complete and then log back into TRAKnet.

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