Aged Analysis Report

The Aged Analysis Report is an Advanced Report that displays a patient's Accounts Receivable broken down over an extended period of time, by insurance type or account number. At the bottom of the report are totals for each time period as well as a grand total.


Analysis Type — Patient

This view of the report will display aging information grouped by patient and insurance. The columns on this report are:

  • ID — The name of the insurance company associated with the balance reported.
  • Name — The name of the patient by last name, first name, sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Total — The total remaining balance.
  • Current — Balances which are less than 30 days old.
  • Over 30 Days — Balances which are between 31 - 60 days old.
  • Over 60 Days — Balances which are between 61 - 90 days old.
  • Over 90 Days — Balances which are between 91 - 120 days old.
  • Over 120 Days — Balances which are between 121 - 150 days old.
  • Over 150 Days — Balances which are between 151 - 180 days old.
  • Over 180 Days — Balances which are between 181 - 210 days old.
  • Over 210 Days — Balances which greater than 210 days old.

Note: Patient balances correspond with the balance found under the patient's ledger > Insurance Pending and Patient Responsibility tabs, respectively.

Analysis Type — Insurance

This version of the report displays the same information as the patient view but grouped by Insurance Type Code rather than patient.


This report has one view, a table view, which displays the patient account number, name, and a breakdown of balances. INS stands for an insurance balance and PAT stands for patient responsible balances. The balances display a total, current, and an aging breakdown. The table also shows any unapplied patient payments.


This report has two filters:

  • Run Date — The date the report is generated. Will look back from this date to all charges and payments.
  • Analysis Type — Patient or Insurance, which changes how the information is grouped.

Sample Report

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