Advanced Data Management Platform

This page will provide more information regarding the Advanced Data Management Platform in TRAKnet.

Advanced Data Management Platform

Advanced Data Management Platform, or ADMP, are a series of additional reports available to TRAKnet users that will provide a variety of more in-depth reports on a variety of topics. As of the time of this wiki page, there are a planned 30+ reports that can be added to TRAKnet with the ADMP feature. These reports will present not only raw data but also compile that data into a graphical representation of the information.

A breakdown of each report will follow.


The pages below will list each Advanced Data Management Report, providing a brief summary of the contents of that report, an explanation of the available report filters, and a screenshot demonstrating the report.

Abbreviated Patient List
Accounts Receivable Movement
Aged Analysis Report
Average Charges by Insurance Class and Provider
Average Days in Receivables
Charge Stats by R.V.U.
CPT Code by Location
CPT Payment Analysis
Daily Journal
Diagnosis Frequency
Encounter Demographics
Encounter Volume by Location
Insurance Claim Submission Analysis
Insurance Enrollment
Monthly Statistics - Charges
Monthly Statistics - Credits
Monthly Statistics - New Patients
Monthly Statistics - Payments
New and Established Patient Visits
Office Visit Distribution
Patient Distribution by Zip Code
Patient Email Listing
Patient Payment History
Patient Record Listing
Procedure Charges
Production Totals by Doctor
Referral Summary
Referring Doctor Listing
Statement Analysis
Subscriber Information
Unapplied Credits

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