This page will explain how A2D2 integration works in TRAKnet.

What is A2D2?

A2D2 is a digital x-ray software that integrates directly into TRAKnet. This integration allows for TRAKnet to export patient demographics into A2D2 and for A2D2 to import images back into these patient's multimedia folders.


A2D2 uses a default filepath where the software will receive patient records and place images before moving them into TRAKnet. This filepath is whatever your network filepath is, for example, \\servername\Biomedix\TRAKnet PM\2.00\A2D2. This can be set under Options under Tools.

Patient demographics are exported automatically whenever a patient's record is updated.

Images, however, must be imported manually. The process will bring over any images located in the A2D2 folder waiting to come over. Once imported, they will appear in the respective patient's multimedia folder, visible in the patient's chart under the Multimedia tab.

Importing Images

To import an image from A2D2 into the patient's TRAKnet multimedia folder, click the Tools drop-down menu, then select "Import A2D2 Images." These images will be imported automatically into the patient's files.

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