TRAKnet Transition from 2.0 to 3.1

This page will provide a summary of the TRAKnet 2.0 to 3.1 webinar to assist clients in getting familiar with the TRAKnet 3.1 application. This summary will follow the flow of the webinar flow.

Navigation in TRAKnet 3.1

Navigation in TRAKnet 3.1 is performed from the left hand side of the application. Clicking the tabs on the left side of the TRAKnet 3.1 application will take you to the different sections of TRAKnet.

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  • Scheduler - This option takes you to the TRAKnet 3.1 scheduler
  • Patient Chart - This option is the default starting page when opening TRAKnet 3.1 and allows you to view and modify patient information
  • Inbox - This section houses previously received secure messaged, please note this is no longer used and only archived messages will be displayed here
  • Tasklist - This option takes you to the TRAKnet 3.1 Tasklist, this option will turn red and indicate the number of new tasks when tasks are received
  • Properties - This option takes you to the Properties page for the TRAKnet 3.1 application
  • e-Prescribing - This option takes you to the TRAKnet e-Prescribing module, please note that this will be greyed out after moving to NEMO Rx
  • NEMORx Admin - This option takes you to the NEMORx Admin page
  • Billing Dashboard - This option takes you to the Billing Dashboard
  • DocShop Pro - This option takes you to the DocShop Pro page


  • Printing the Schedule - The schedule can be printed using the Print drop down in the upper right hand corner of the application. There are 4 options under print.
    • Print - Prints the current view of the schedule, please note each view prints differently
    • Print Preview - Provides a preview of what will be printed
    • Print mailing labels - Prints mailing labels for the scheduled patients, please note this is designed to print on a label printer
    • Print Appointment Labels - Prints appointment labels to the scheduled patients, please note this is designed to print on a label printer
  • Booking - The TRAKnet 3.1 Scheduler allows for multiple bookings however there is no grid display, the scheduler will divide into additional columns as appointments are added automatically. When only 1 appointment is scheduled per time frame there will be only one column.
  • Facility Visits
    • Select a time slot on the scheduler.
    • Click Add, Facility Visit at the top of the screen.
    • Set the provider, facility, appointment reason, appointment date and length as applicable.
    • Click the Patients tab and select patients through the search or the recall list.
    • Save the facility visit.
  • Recalls - Allows the user to generate a patient list based on three criteria
    • Facility - The facility at which the patient is located or primarily seen
    • Days Since Last Visit - The number of days since the patients last visit
    • Diagnosis - The patient's diagnosis
  • Batch Eligibility - Pulls eligibility for the patients seen on the scheduler to improve performance and decrease the time it takes to get eligibility for each patient.

Patients Chart

  • Patient Search
    • Patient search - Allows the practice to search for and load a patient based on simple criteria.
    • Advanced patient search - This is found under properties and provides an advised search option for searching patients.
  • Workspace - The workspace tab is the primary tab on the patient’s chart and will automatically open upon opening an individual patient.
    • Dashboards - User specific workflow templates meant to present and collect patient data from the patient's chart view. They can be customized to reflect your workflow, existing patient intake forms and be tailored to fit a specific role in your practice.
  • Multimedia - Multimedia is the portion of a patient's electronic record that contains all imaging files and outside records of the patient's health information.
  • 2.0 Enounters - All 2.0 Encounters are viewable on the patients chart within the 2.0 Encounters tab. These encounters are read only, they are not able to be edited.
  • Patients Ledger - The patients Ledger is located on the patients chart under the billing tab. Here the user can find all of the patient specific billing information.

Charting in TRAKnet 3.1

Webinar Video

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