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TRAKnet is an expandable, podiatry-specific, 2015 certified, all-in-one practice management platform that enables seamless operation while increasing efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs. Built on the trusted Microsoft® SQL Server platform, TRAKnet incorporates billing, charting, and scheduling into a single system, allowing effortless transition from scheduling to encounters and claims.

TRAKnet interfaces with and complements the TRAKnet® full “suite of solutions.” Podiatric practices no longer need to work with three different companies and three different platforms to fulfill their practice management needs. Today, they can partner with a single trusted company, TRAKnet, utilizing one all-encompassing platform for seamless, efficient and effective practice operations and patient care.

TRAKnet users can access this complete solution via the platform that works best for them. The application can be installed on a local server within the practice (on-premise model) or hosted via a secure cloud-based solution that allows users to log in to TRAKnet from any computer with a secure internet connection.

TRAKnet is committed to continuously improving its functionality based on the suggestions of our peers in the podiatric field. Every update we release includes features and fixes based on our valued client's feedback.

Whether hosted or locally installed, TRAKnet clients have the opportunity to take advantage of exciting program updates, new ancillary products, and services offered by TRAKnet.

Our “suite of solutions” offers podiatrists MUCH MORE than just an EHR.

Other Services and Products

NEMO Health Medical Billing

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Release Notes

NEW! 2015 ONC Certified TRAKnet 3.1 is here! Click HERE to see our video tutorials.

There is a known issue with the scheduler tab displaying entirely blank. This is caused by the Item Size in Windows set to a higher setting than the default. For information on how to change the Item Size back to the default setting, click here.

To read about the most recent release to TRAKnet 3.1, check out the Release Notes page! Find out what's Coming Soon in the next update!

For a list of all archived release notes for previous releases, please click here.

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