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This page will provide a brief history of TRAKnet 3.0 and NEMO Capital Partners.

TRAKnet Solutions

On April 4, 2013, NEMO Capital Partners, LLC, acquired the TRAKnet® PM Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System (“TRAKnet® PM) from BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Inc. (“BioMedix”). NEMO Capital Partners then formed TRAKnet PM LLC, as a wholly owned subsidiary to own, operate, and license TRAKnet®.

What is NEMO Capital Partners?

NEMO Capital Partners is a privately held investment company with a diverse portfolio of healthcare holdings focused on the fields of medical technology. NEMO Capital Partners suite of offerings deliver high quality products and solutions that satisfy customers through industry leading innovation and unparalleled customer support. NEMO Capital Partners vision is to deliver best in class healthcare information technology and consulting solutions for our customers. We create shareholder value through constantly striving to improve not only our solutions, but also our capacity to serve our clients.

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This wiki is created with the intention of providing an easily searchable, constantly updated source of information on TRAKnet. It is meant to provide instructional material, update notes, release information, and offer our clients supplemental material to our normal support procedures.

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